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My nigga glizzy, I told glizzy I got em
I believe that its his time

[Chorus: Wale]
37 cord kord chord Shy Glizzy - Southside lyrics kunci gitar niggas all of em official riding through the city trying get my dollars bigger
If nobody get us
Trying body nigga
Just tell somebody, tell somebody that I came in with that
(Southside [5x])
37 watupp
(Southside [5x])
37 watupp

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy]
OK I’m number 37 call me gizzy Strasburg
That’s all the way to heaven nigga fuck what y’all heard
I Took a knife to the gut y’all ain’t felt that pain
Tell theme niggas we up ain’t nothing else to explain
I’m the fly est youngin out
Fuck what you talking bout
Rob a nigga for his chain to match the gold in my mouth
(Give that shit up)
Damn, I still can’t believe chords Shy Glizzy - Southside lyrics lyrics I rap
Man, I still got the keys to the trap
Wale made it out the city
He showed me this can happen
They don’t understand I come from where shit like this don’t happen
37th born
37th raised
I’m with 37 G’s
And we got 37 K’s


[Verse 2: Shy Glizzy]
I’mma southside nigga
You don’t be outside nigga
Run up on you with that Glock open your mouth wide Nigga
All my music state facts
Fuck a diss track
Yeah you lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Shy Glizzy - Southside lyrics download mp3 might been in the trap
But have you ever whipped crack
I got niggas over Savannah
Niggas over one duece
Niggas up 640
They all ready to shoot
Pops he from Wellington
Flat he from the oaks
They 30 seconds apart and everyday they go to war
Rest in peace to buddy lee
We young niggas with money
Bitch its double G
This young Nigga done started something
I got killers out Maryland
Bloods out Virginia
Please don’t under estimate
Cause them niggas a end ya


[Verse 3: Shy Glizzy]
Bitch I’m from the southside, southside
I got some niggas uptown, uptown
And none of us don’t play around, play around
You play with us you going down, going down


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